East Bali Tours is full day tours visit beautiful destination in East path of Bali or Karangasem regency and other destination around

East Bali Tours (Karangasem) is a tour to visit some interesting places in the eastern of Bali such as bath cave Tirta Gangga and Taman ujung water palace.

This tour explores tourist destinations in the eastern part of Bali with the uniqueness of the local people’s lives. You can rent a car with driver in Bali along with this tour.

Bath Cave (Goa Lawah Temple)

Goa Lawah Temple, also known as the Bat Cave Temple, is a unique Hindu temple located in the village of Pesinggahan in Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. The temple is built around a natural cave inhabited by thousands of bats, hence its name.



Goa Lawah Temple is one of the nine directional temples of Bali, and is dedicated to the god Maheswara, who is believed to protect the island from evil spirits. The temple is also considered a sacred site for Balinese Hindus to meditate and perform spiritual rituals.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

Taman Ujung Bali, also known as the Water Palace, is a historical landmark located in the eastern part of Bali, Indonesia. It was built in the early 20th century by the last king of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem.



The palace complex is set in a stunning location with panoramic views of the ocean, and features a large water pond with a series of interconnected pools and fountains. The palace was designed with a blend of Balinese and European architectural styles, and it was used by the king as a retreat and a place to entertain guests.

The palace was damaged during World War II, and it underwent a major restoration in the 1960s. Today, Taman Ujung Bali is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can explore the palace’s expansive gardens and admire the intricate carvings and sculptures that adorn the buildings.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace 

Tirta Gangga is a beautiful water palace located in the eastern part of Bali, Indonesia. It was built by the last king of Karangasem in 1946 and is known for its beautiful gardens, ponds, and fountains.



The palace features three main areas, including the water palace, the gardens, and the swimming pool. The water palace is the main attraction of Tirta Gangga and is home to a number of beautiful ponds, statues, and fountains. Visitors can explore the palace by walking across the stepping stones that lead across the ponds or by enjoying a peaceful stroll through the gardens.

The gardens are another popular feature of Tirta Gangga, featuring beautiful flowers and plants, including lotus flowers. The gardens are meticulously maintained and provide a peaceful and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Lempuyang Temple

Pura Lempuyang, also known as Lempuyang Temple, is a Balinese Hindu temple located in East Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the oldest and most sacred temples on the island, and is situated on the slopes of Mount Lempuyang at an altitude of over 1,100 meters above sea level.


The temple complex consists of several smaller temples, including Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang, which is the main temple and is located at the highest point of the complex. Visitors can climb a long staircase to reach the temple, passing several other temples and gates along the way.

The temple is renowned for its picturesque location and stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It is also famous for its “Gates of Heaven,” which are a series of ornate gates that offer a beautiful backdrop for photos.